The Dragon Saga Books 1-3: The Priestess and the Dragon, The Sea Stone, The Song of the Wind

#ad - A smart-mouthed priestess. Betrayed by the woman he loved, he needs to find her reincarnation to get his revenge. The dragon is not the only one she needs to worry about. The fate of the world depends on them working together. Suzume’s life is ruined. But when suzume discovers she is that woman, it’s a race to seal him again before he finds out.

With new powers come dangerous enemies. Exiled to a remote mountain shrine, she’s training to become a priestess. This box set includes the first three books in the Dragon Saga, over 1800 pages of action-packed romantic fantasy. A powerful monster wants Suzume for his own. An arrogant dragon. Get the first three books in the saga today!

The Dragon Saga Books 1-3: The Priestess and the Dragon, The Sea Stone, The Song of the Wind #ad - Until she can learn to control her abilities, the dragon is the only one who can protect her. When she accidentally awakens the god of the mountain, she discovers new powers and a whole lot of problems. They must learn to work together to stop the monster, if they don’t kill each other in the process. If you loved the fierce heroine from throne of Glass and the action and adventure of InuYasha, you’ll love Nicolette Andrews’s The Priestess and the Dragon.


Fate of Dragons: Dragons Rising Book One: An Epic Fantasy

#ad - Perfect for fans of the epicness of lord of the rings with the more relaxed approach of eragon and the sass and hilarity of Throne of Glass!" ~Books and Yass Blog/Bookstagrammer"I LOVED it! What an amazing world, story, and adventure!" ~Goodreads Reviewer"Daringly magical! I couldn't put this book down!" ~Amazon Reviewer.

Maas, holly black, tamora Pierce, Christopher Paolini, and JRR Tolkien. Scroll up and discover this new world today!REVIEWS". An addictive high fantasy that got me reading both this book and its sequel within 4 days because I didn't want to leave the world Alisha had created. Vahly, the last human, was born to fill that role and wield the power necessary to battle the rising oceans and save the dragons and elves.

Fate of Dragons: Dragons Rising Book One: An Epic Fantasy #ad - But vahly is the world's biggest disappointment. She possesses no magic whatsoever. When she finds an ancient scroll that mentions a human power ritual conducted deep in the homeland of the elves, she gathers her dragon allies and journeys to see the king of that great, forest-dwelling race. Welcomed by a handsome royal cloaked in dark magic, will vahly find answers or will a twisted and powerful elven lord destroy her chance at saving the world?Written to capture the awe of a true epic fantasy and the camraderie of a quest, USA Today bestseller Alisha Klapheke's newest series Dragons Rising is made for fans of Sarah J.

The sea queen has a mad plan to drown the world, and only the magic of the Earth Queen can stop her. An earth queen desperate to wake her magic.


The Keeper Chronicles: The Complete Epic Fantasy Trilogy

#ad - Can they survive being hunted by dragons, david eddings, attacked by frost goblins, and betrayed by traitors in their midst?Or will Mallon's minions overwhelm them and plunge the land into darkness? #1 Bestseller in Classic Fantasy eBooks#1 Bestseller in Teen & Young Adult Mythical Creatures eBooksFans of Patrick Rothfuss, and Terry Brooks will love this engaging trilogy.

Dive into this enchanting epic fantasy series called "heart-pounding, emotional, and very satisfying". Grab your copy of the keeper chronicles and begin this epic fantasy trilogy today!The complete trilogy of The Keepers Chronicles includes:A Threat of ShadowsPursuit of ShadowsSiege of Shadows. A mage, a dwarf, and an elf walk into a tavern…The Keeper Chronicles are everything I want in epic fantasy.

The Keeper Chronicles: The Complete Epic Fantasy Trilogy #ad - When mallon the undying threatened the land years ago, the elves stopped him—and then disappeared. Now mallon's followers seek to bring him back to finish what he started. Only the keepers—storytellers, historians, and magic-wielders—are left to stand against them. Alaric, who betrayed everything he believed to save his wife — and still failed.

Will, a storyteller who’s convinced his weak magic makes him useless. And sini, a former slave girl with unimaginable power but no way to wield it.


Heritage of Power The Complete Series: Books 1-5: An epic dragon fantasy boxed set

#ad - Joined by a snarky sentient sword, and the smart scholarly woman he longs to impress, Trip must master his powers, a band of equally snarky allies, learn the secrets of his heritage, and go on a quest to save mankind. Gold Dragon. Dragon Storm2. Revelations3. It includes: 1. Unraveled5. Only one man has the power to stop them.

Born an outcast who’s never fit in, telryn “trip” Yert has spent his entire life hiding a secret that could get him killed:In a world where magic is forbidden, the ancient blood of dragons flows through his veins. Dragons have returned to the world, and they’re wreaking havoc on human civilizations.

Heritage of Power The Complete Series: Books 1-5: An epic dragon fantasy boxed set #ad - This is the complete five-novel Heritage of Power series, full of adventure, romance, and fast-paced page turning fun. If he fails, dragons may take over the world and enslave all of humanity. Origins4.


Forgotten Fortress: The Complete Swordmaster Trilogy

#ad - This is a remastered and expanded edition. When it does, the enemy will ravage an entire kingdom. Talon, ruthlessly pursued by the warrior band, returns to the land of his birth. He flees … and plunges headlong into an epic quest of even greater danger. Nor is the invading army led by a man, but by a sorcerer ready to risk anything for victory.

The road to safety is long, and the hope of success is short. Talon risks his life to bring word to allies who might help. Ten warriors hunt a lone man. He finds it threatened by an army. The fortress will soon fall. A girl of striking courage helps him, and he falls in love with her. There are no reinforcements.

Forgotten Fortress: The Complete Swordmaster Trilogy #ad - He begins the quest, but the warrior band has not given up the hunt. But if his quest fails, only smoke and ash will remain of the future they might have shared. This boxed set contains the entire Swordmaster trilogy, previously released as Fortress of the Forgotten. But to reach them, he must somehow pass through the very army set to destroy his homeland.

Yet, in the darkest hour of his life, he finds an unexpected ally.


Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set: The Complete Epic Adventure

Fallbrandt Press #ad - What new ability will she discover next?  Puri, a highly skilled archer, is assigned the role of ranger, destined for missions rife with danger. How many will die if she fails?Curan, trains as a wildcat: a warrior augmented by magic, capable of slaying dozens of enemy soldiers with ease. Your adventure awaits.

Will his courage be enough when the fate of thousands hangs in the balance?Cassie is Brandt's twin sister. His greatest discovery could liberate him and change the world. Or, it could destroy everything. Quinn's fiery spirit and relentless determination fuel her desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set: The Complete Epic Adventure #ad - A team of agents must infiltrate and eliminate an enemy empire bent on conquest. Trained as an espion, she finds herself alone in the heart of an enemy stronghold. If only she knew whom she could trust. Brandt is a prankster who lacks a sense of purpose. The fate of the world, and of anyone who can wield magic, is at stake.

1, 300 pages of magic, intrigue, twists, and betrayalincludes the complete wardens of issalia series -- novels combining for over 125 5-star Amazon reviews and 400 Goodreads 5-star ratings.


Chronicles of Pelenor Trilogy Collection: Heart of Dragons, Court of Shadows, Order of Valxiron

Eldarkin Publishing #ad - Rising evil. Who will drown in deceit, saradon, and the darkest of magics have twisted the visionary he hoped to follow, hate, and who will rise triumphant?Dimitri’s plans backfire as he realises that time, into an evil that seeks dominion over all – and Dimitri is bound to his cause. Harper is bound to Saradon too in ways she could not imagine.

Read heart of Dragons now. Will pelenor be the first to fall, or can harper and her far-flung companions somehow avert catastrophe?USA Today Bestselling Author and 2018 SPFBO Semi-Finalist Meg Cowley returns with a stunning new romantic epic fantasy trilogy set in the same world as her acclaimed Books of Caledan series.

Chronicles of Pelenor Trilogy Collection: Heart of Dragons, Court of Shadows, Order of Valxiron #ad - Filled with vivid characters, complex plots, and hints of romance, the Chronicles of Pelenor is perfect for fans of SJ Maas' A Court of Thorns and Roses and Miranda Honfleur’s Blade & Rose. A new order, loyal to the Dark One of Altarea, rises under his dominion. Trapped under saradon’s control, Harper is drawn into a darkness she cannot escape – and from which her friends cannot save her.

War comes for Pelenor. She holds great darkness within her – and the only chance for salvation. Betrayal rules pelenor - but will Harper betray herself to save those she loves?Saradon rules Pelenor with an iron fist. Tangled loyalties.


Box Set: The Dragon Sea Chronicles

Cave Creek Publishing, LLC #ad - Follow darek of the red claw Clan through this three book box set, a young sailor crossing blades with ruthless pirates and warring clans. But are darek’s powers enough to combat these foes, especially when he is linked to the pirates by blood bond and their beautiful queen? Dive into this world of adventure, Eragon, and danger that fans of Dragonriders of Pern, Dragon Blood, Dragonvein, imagination, Dragonlance, Temeraire, and Dragon School will love.

Is he destined to become the mage reborn? Ever more does he realize he must stop the tides of war, bring order to clan and family while the rising menace of Cyrus lurks unseen. The dragonclaw islands are thrust into the brink of war as Darek struggles to find his path, unlock his skills, though alienated from his sister and parents.

Box Set: The Dragon Sea Chronicles #ad - Scroll up and one-click to buy this box set today while the introductory price lasts! Pirates. The fires of rebellion, sea serpents, plunge the Islanders into an all-out war among dragons, stoked by a Pirate Queen, and monsters of the deep. As his hidden powers grow, first in his natural ability to commune with sea dragons, so too does his uncanny dragon-riding skill and sudden bursts of psi power.

Taken under the wing of the ailing dragon Mage Agrippa, Darek uses his powers to unite the Dragon Riders against the growing swarm of sea serpents controlled by Cyrus’s forbidden magic. Wizards. Dragons.


The Hidden Magic Chronicles Boxed Set: Shades of Light, Shades of Dark, Shades of Glory, Shades of Justice

LMBPN Publishing #ad - When you know the truth about magic. All magic is evil, the High Paladin taught. But alastar starts to understand that he might have been misled. If his sister uses magic, and she isn't evil. What does that mean for his beliefs? brother and sister soon find themselves aligned with magic users and thrown in with the clans in a war against sorcerers and paladins alike, with only one hope of uniting the land--the legendary Sword of Light.

It was lost years ago, and quest after quest by the holy paladins could not retrieve it. Anything is possible. This boxed set includes:shades of lightshades of darkshades of gloryShades of JusticeSet on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, Shades of Light tells an entirely new story in the Age of Magic--and of the heroes and villains who battle for control of its destiny.

The Hidden Magic Chronicles Boxed Set: Shades of Light, Shades of Dark, Shades of Glory, Shades of Justice #ad - The truth will set you free, but what happens when the Truth is a Lie? Rhona and her paladin brother Alastar belong to a holy people who have waged war on witches and warlocks and their clans from the highlands. You'll save money on the hidden Magic Chronicles Boxed Set because it includes four amazing books at a great bundle price.

But when she uses magic to save his life, their world is thrown upside down. On the run, having left all they knew behind they have to rely on those who hate Paladins.


The Hidden Wizard: The Complete Series

Fair Folio #ad - He must conquer each of the pillars of magic: Knowledge, Will, and Spark. They will stop at nothing to halt Alrion’s quest and claim him for their own. He’s more surprised than anyone when he discovers he’s a wizard. Why is his power unique?Learning the ways of a wizard is not enough. Secrets can be powerful……but also destructive.

Alrion doesn’t know the power inside him. Three trials await the young wizard. Alrion is charged with a quest to cleanse the Blight. He’s the world’s last chance to be free of that malevolent force, and the twisted creatures that it creates. Can he grow as a wizard and navigate his way through the trials? Or will he be consumed by the darkness he’s so desperately struggling against.

The Hidden Wizard: The Complete Series #ad - You’ll love this epic adventure because of the action, intrigue, and the one lingering question:Who is the Hidden Wizard?Get the whole series now in this single volume. The hidden wizard the complete series contains the following books:Book 1: Pool of KnowledgeBook 2: Vault of SilenceBook 3: Spark of Truth Book 4: Soul of Light.

Only then will he be ready to face his destiny. But the forces of darkness are not sitting idle.


The Complete Diviner's Trilogy: Book 1-3

#ad - They will both do anything to get her on their side. Now everyone wants her for their own, and two men vie for her attention. They took her memories. Get this addictive romantic fantasy series today!Included in this box set:Book 1: Diviner's ProphecyBook 2: Diviner's CurseBook 3: Diviner's Fate Three Full length novels.

When her vision saves a foreign princess, it exposes her power to the court. Although few know about her gift, her power to see the future makes her a valuable asset. But if she chooses the wrong one, she'll lose her head. If you loved the courtly intrigue and romance of Kushiel’s Dart and Throne of Glass, you’ll love Nicolette Andrews’s Diviner’s Trilogy.

The Complete Diviner's Trilogy: Book 1-3 #ad - A story of love, magic, and betrayal that readers say left them guessing until the end. To find out who stole her past, she must play their game-- but if she fails, she won't make it out alive. The court is divided, and Maea is caught in the center. Now she’s their pawn. Drawn into a web of courtly intrigue, Maea discovers ties to her forgotten past and uncovers dangerous secrets that threaten the kingdom, and her life.

Mysterious courtier johai might know about her missing memories, and how she lost them, while charming prince Adair is a notorious rogue whom may have hidden motives of his own. With no one to trust, she's caught in a game of head versus heart and must pick a side.