Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star

Algonquin Books #ad - The open smile says, "You will love me, " and soon the whole world does. He speaks also about what it was like to be gay, at first confused by his own fears and misgivings, then as an actor trapped by an image of boy-next-door innocence. It seems almost preordained. The young boy's name was tab hunter—a made-up name, of course, a Hollywood name—and it was his time.

A remarkably handsome young boy, still a teenager, gets "discovered" by a big-time movie agent. Mesmerizing. The new york times book review welcome to Hollywood, circa 1950, the end of the Golden Age. And so, and the fear of being consumed; of the hope of an innocent boy, tab hunter Confidential is at heart a story of survival—of the giddy highs of stardom, and the soul-destroying lows when phone calls begin to go unreturned; of the need to be loved, and the rueful summation of a man who did it all, and who lived to tell it all.

Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star #ad - Hunter's career as a bona fide movie star lasted a decade. Because when he takes his shirt off young hearts beat faster, because he is the picture of innocence and trust and need, he will become a star. In fact, when his face adorned hundreds of magazine covers; the movies, the studio contract, the fame came first, the name in lights—all that came later.

Stardom didn't come overnight, although it seemed that way. And when he dared to be difficult, he learned that just like any manufactured product, to complain to the studio about the string of mostly mediocre movies that were assigned to him, he was disposable—disposable and replaceable. For tab hunter was a true product of hollywood, by a mother who provided for him in every way except emotionally, a movie star created from a stable boy, a shy kid made even more so by the way his schoolmates—both girls and boys—reacted to his beauty, and by a secret that both tormented him and propelled him forward.


The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson: The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson

Da Capo Press #ad - Roy fitzgerald became rock hudson and, for the next twenty-five years, Henry Willson became the man behind movie "beefcake. The man who invented rock Hudson delves into Willson's life in explicit, unsparing detail. Cops and mob ties to scare off hudson's blackmailers; Hudson's "arranged" marriage to Willson's secretary, Phyllis Gates; as well as Hudson's affair with a Universal Pictures vice-president to help secure starring roles.

Additionally, tab hunter, chad everett, james darren, John Derek, including Robert Wagner, Troy Donahue, the book discusses Willson's other star clients, Mike Connors, and many others. The starmaker-to-be was on the lookout for promising newcomers when he received an unsolicited photograph from a movie star hopeful named Roy Fitzgerald.

The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson: The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson #ad - The photograph of the handsome young man with bad teeth not only had a career defining impact for Willson but, more importantly, it redefined Hollywood's concept of the male heartthrob. Selznick. Variety reporter robert hofler deftly chronicles Willson's maneuvers to sidestep the FBI's investigation into Hudson's sex life; the agent's use of off-duty L.

A. P. D. Henry willson started off as a talent scout under Gone with the Wind's powerhouse mogul, David O.


Include Me Out: My Life from Goldwyn to Broadway

St. Martin's Press #ad - He captures the thrill of acting on the stage with janice rule, Barbara Cook, June Havoc, and the National Repertory Theatre, Larry Hagman, where his determination paid off with an OBIE for his work in Tally & Son. Granger's delightful and elegant memoir Include Me Out captures the extravangance of Hollywood's Golden Age-and provides colorful portraits of many of its major players.

In classic hollywood tradition, farley Granger, a high school senior, was discovered by Sam Goldwyn's casting director in an off-Hollywood Boulevard play. Granger describes how he learned his craft as he went on to star in a number of films, Luchino Visconti on Senso, giving an insider's view of working with Hitchcock on Strangers on a Train and Rope, and Nick Ray on They Live by Night.

Include Me Out: My Life from Goldwyn to Broadway #ad - He is eloquent about his bisexuality and tells of affairs with Patricia Neal, Leonard Bernstein and Ava Gardner and his involvement with Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Arthur Laurents, Shelley Winters, and Tyrone Power. Granger recreates his legendary struggle to break his contract with Goldwyn. He had to buy his way out to work on Broadway.

He describes the early days of live television and working with Julie Harris, Christopher Plummer, Helen Hayes, and Claire Bloom.


Sal Mineo: A Biography

Crown Archetype #ad - He also found personal happiness in a relationship with male actor Courtney Burr. Yet his creative impulses never foundered. Finally, in this riveting new biography filled with exclusive, michael Gregg Michaud tells the full story of this remarkable young actor’s life, candid interviews with both Mineo’s closest female and male lovers and never-before-published photographs, charting his meteoric rise to fame and turbulent career and private life.

One of the hottest stars of the 1950s, Mineo grew up as the son of Sicilian immigrants in a humble Bronx flat. Tragically, on the cusp of turning a new page in his life, Mineo’s life was cut short in a botched robbery. Revealing a charming, creative, mischievous, and often scandalous side of Mineo few have known before now, Sal Mineo is an intimate, moving biography of a distinctive Hollywood star.

Sal Mineo: A Biography #ad - But by the 1960s, a series of professional missteps and an increasingly tumultuous private life reversed his fortunes. By the late sixties and early seventies, grappling with the repercussions of publicly admitting his homosexuality and struggling to reinvent himself from an aging teen idol, Mineo turned toward increasingly self-destructive behavior.

But by age eleven, he appeared on broadway in tennessee Williams’s The Rose Tattoo, and then as Prince Chulalongkorn in the original Broadway production of The King and I starring Yul Brynner and Gertrude Lawrence. He began directing and producing controversial off-Broadway plays that explored social and sexual taboos.

This sultry-eyed, thousands of star-struck fans attended his premieres, dark-haired male ingénue of sorts appeared on the cover of every major magazine, and millions bought his records, which included several top-ten hits.


Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars

Grove Press #ad - His own lovers included edith piaf, katharine hepburn, spencer tracy, and the abdicated king of england edward VIII, James Dean, Errol Flynn, Gloria Swanson, Rita Hayworth, Mae West, and he arranged tricks or otherwise crossed paths with Tennessee Williams, Charles Laughton, Vincent Price, Cary Grant, Vivien Leigh, Noël Coward, Rock Hudson and J.

Edgar hoover, to name but a few. Full service is not only a fascinating chronicle of hollywood’s sexual underground, who used actors to propagate a myth of a conformist, but also exposes the hypocrisy of the major studios, sexually innocent America knowing full well that their stars’ personal lives differed dramatically from this family-friendly mold.

. He began sleeping with some himself, and connecting others with his coterie of young, attractive, and sexually free-spirited friends. Newly discharged from the marines after World War II, Bowers arrived in Hollywood in 1946. As revelation-filled as hollywood babylon, support, Full Service provides a lost chapter in the history of the sexual revolution and is a testament to a man who provided sex, and affection to countless people.

Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars #ad - Now the subject of the hit documentary scotty and the secret history of hollywood, ” Full Service is the remarkable true story of Scotty Bowers, the “gentleman hustler, praised by Vanity Fair as “full of revelations” and Entertainment Weekly as “deliciously salacious, ” during the heyday of classic Hollywood.

Young, and strikingly handsome, charismatic, he quickly caught the eye of many of the town’s stars and starlets.


All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson

Harper #ad - After signing with the powerful but predatory agent Henry Willson, the young hopeful was transformed from a clumsy, tongue-tied truck driver into Universal Studio’s resident Adonis. Growing up poor in winnetka, abused by an alcoholic stepfather, Hudson was abandoned by his biological father, Illinois, and controlled by his domineering mother.

Despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Hudson was determined to become an actor at all costs. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, hudson successfully transitioned to television; his long-running series McMillan & Wife and a recurring role on Dynasty introduced him to a whole new generation of fans. The icon worshipped by moviegoers and beloved by his colleagues appeared to have it all.

All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson #ad - Yet beneath the suave and commanding star persona, deeply conflicted, there was an insecure, and all too vulnerable human being. And here, for the first time, including written on the Wind, is an in-depth exploration of Hudson’s classic films, A Farewell to Arms, and the cult favorite Seconds. With unprecedented access to private journals, personal correspondence, and production files, Griffin pays homage to the idol whose life and death had a lasting impact on American culture.

For years, hudson dodged questions concerning his private life, but in 1985 the public learned that the actor was battling AIDS. The embodiment of romantic masculinity in American film throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s, Hudson reigned supreme as the king of Hollywood. As an oscar-nominated leading man, Hudson won acclaim for his performances in glossy melodramas Magnificent Obsession, western epics Giant and blockbuster bedroom farces Pillow Talk.


Best-Kept Boy in the World

Riverdale Avenue Books #ad - He twice modeled characters on Denny in his fiction, saying it was a pity that Denny never wrote a memoir. Here is the story of an american original, a story with an amazing cast of unforgettable characters and extraordinary settings, the book Gore Vidal wished Denny had written. Arthur vanderbilt is the author of many books of history, biography, memoirs, and essays.

He was beyond being good-looking; he was the single most charming-looking person I've ever seen. Writer christopher isherwood was more to the point: he called Denny “the most expensive male prostitute in the world. In his short life, artists, princes, and best-kept boy in the World for the first time follows him into his rarefied world of barons and shipping tycoons, heirs of great fortunes, lords, Denny achieved a mythic status, and authors.

Denny, long before he surfaced in my cove, was a legend well-known to me, a myth entitled: Best-Kept Boy in the World. Truman capotedenham denny fouts, was a socialite and literary muse whose extraordinary life started off humbly in Jacksonville, the twentieth century's most famous male prostitute, Florida.

Best-Kept Boy in the World #ad - To vidal he was “un homme fatal. Truman capote, who devoted a third of Answered Prayers to Denny's life story, found that “to watch him walk into a room was an experience. But in short order he befriended and bedded the rich and celebrated and in the process conquered the world. No less an august figure than the young Gore Vidal was enchanted by Denny's special charms.


Hollywood Gays

Riverdale Avenue Books #ad - Hadleigh on the other hand seeks to provide firsthand reports. Library journalboze hadleigh, author of Celebrity Feuds! and Hollywood and Whine, has written more than 15 books. In this collection of interviews…the author continues his probing of the ever-popular topic of the sexual proclivities of Hollywood actors.

Publishers weeklyin this rare, cesar romero, anthony perkins, no-holds-barred collection of interviews with Hollywood icons from the Golden Age of movies—Cary Grant, Liberace, among others—renowned entertainment journalist and historian Boze Hadleigh goes straight to the source and opens the film worlds closet door onto another era.

Hollywood Gays #ad - If all the world's a stage according to Shakespeare, it's all one big movie screen to Hadleigh, who's evidently taking up where the great gossip columnists of yesteryear left off. Included in this new edition are two new interviews never before published—one with Marilyn Monroe’s Seven Year Itch costar Tom Ewell and a second with Bewitched star Dick Sargent.

The author splits his time, between Beverly Hills and Sydney, when not traveling the world, Australia. Books like vita ruso's the celluloid Closet and Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon abound with rumors about the sexual appetites of Hollywood stars. Secret love affairs, gossip about the personal lives of other closeted gay and lesbian stars, arrests, confessions, stories of surviving the relentless homophobia of the period, and more are all discussed at-length out in the open with Hadleigh on the condition that the interview not be published during the actor’s lifetime.


Shattered Love: A Memoir

It Books #ad - In shattered love, Richard Chamberlain poignantly recounts his lifelong struggle to find happiness. Tracing a fascinating path over his meteoric rise to success, he chronicles his struggle to come to terms with his own imperfections, his growing desire to be honest about his sexual orientation, and his yearning to live with an open heart.

And along the way he imparts the lessons he has learned about overcoming our own self–imposed obstacles to happiness.


My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie

William Morrow #ad - The stunned public turned for solace to debbie’s only remaining child, Todd Fisher, who somehow retained his grace and composure under the glare of the media spotlight as he struggled with his own overwhelming grief. The son of "america’s sweethearts" Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, Todd grew up amid the glamorous wealth and pretense of Hollywood.

A revelatory and touching tribute to the lives of carrie fisher and Debbie Reynolds written by the person who knew them best, Todd Fisher’s poignant memoir is filled with moving stories of growing up among Hollywood royalty and illustrated with never-before-seen photos and memorabilia. In december 2016, the world was shaken by the sudden deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, two unspeakable losses that occurred in less than twenty-four hours.

My Girls: A Lifetime with Carrie and Debbie #ad - Thanks to his funny, but always close to his cherished mom, Todd remained down to earth, and to his sister through her meteoric rise to stardom and her struggle with demons that never diminished her humor, talent, loving, his own man, no-nonsense mother, or spirit. Now, todd shares his heart and his memories of Debbie and Carrie with deeply personal stories from his earliest years to those last unfathomable days.

His book, celebrates their legacies through a more intimate, poignant, part homage, part memoir, and often hilarious portrait of these two remarkable women than has ever been revealed before. With thirty-two pages of never-before-seen photos and memorabilia from his family’s private archives, Todd’s book is a love letter to a sister and a mother, and a gift to countless fans who are mourning the deaths of these two unforgettable stars.


Among My Souvenirs: The Real Story Vol. 1

Concetta #ad - Her willingness to expose the most private aspects of her life with extraordinary honesty and often painful reflection is both startling and courageous. She also experienced an endless series of life-altering tragedies. While the love affair with her audience was exhilarating, truly gratifying and omnipresent, fulfilling romantic relationships in her personal life always eluded her.

. With the exception of her one true love, Bobby Darin—a love destroyed by her domineering father, with whom she had a complicated and often troubling relationship. All are chronicled with unstinting candor, and even under the most terrifying and unimaginable set of circumstances, a deep sense of resentment, her very rare sense of humor shines through.

Among My Souvenirs: The Real Story Vol. 1 #ad - Along this extraordinary journey of her life she experienced the highest of peaks and the deepest of valleys: the stuff of both dreams and nightmares. It is truly a joyful, comedic and emotionally disturbing book to read. Few stars have experienced the rollercoaster ride that marked the life of Connie Francis.

Through her eyes, readers have a front row seat to many of the greatest public and private moments in American history and popular culture. Conquering wildly-enthusiastic audiences throughout the world, Connie's international celebrity is one unrivaled by any recording artist to this very day. Born into a blue-collar italian family at the end of the Great Depression, she went on to unimaginable heights of success.